Emergencies can happen suddenly and without warning. When disaster strikes, you may find yourself without power or access to clean, running water. You may be stranded and unable to reach family and friends. You may also find yourself without help for up to 72 hours. Preparation is an important and necessary part of surviving a disaster. 

1. Be informed by finding out what type of emergencies can affect you and learning how you should be prepared for them. Go to the following link for more information – CLICK HERE

2. Make a plan with your family of what you will need to do to communicate and stay safe in an emergency as well as finding each other during or afterwards. Go to the following link for more information – CLICK HERE

3. Build a kit with the supplies necessary to survive during and after an emergency. The following link has detailed information about what should be in an emergency kit – CLICK HERE

For more information, visit the following websites:

Ready Tuscaloosa website – CLICK HERE

Ready Alabama website – CLICK HERE

FEMA preparation and safety website – CLICK HERE