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FEMA Online Courses


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers a variety of free online courses to the public as well as FEMA staff. These courses are based around teaching information such as emergency preparedness, recovery, and mitigation. 

A full list of courses can be found at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI) website - CLICK HERE

*Note* To take the exam and gain a certificate for a course, FEMA requires each person to apply for a FEMA Student Identification or SID number. It is a unique number generated and assigned to anyone who needs or is required to take training provided by a FEMA organization. Your FEMA SID uniquely identifies you throughout the FEMA organization and all of its agencies. The goal is for your FEMA SID to serve as your personal identification number instead of your Social Security Number (SSN) in support of FEMA’s effort to decrease/cease the use of SSNs for identifying and tracking individuals.

To get a FEMA Student ID (SID) # or find out more information - CLICK HERE

Suggested FEMA Courses for private citizens and government officials- CLICK HERE

EMI student portal: Get your past IS Course CertificatesStudent IS Transcript, and Official IS Transcript CLICK HERE and put in your information.