Individual storm shelters are great ways to protect your loved ones while close to home. There are many vendors available who can assist you in determining the best course of action in building a storm shelter for your home.

After installing an individual storm shelter or safe room, it is a good idea to have it registered with Tuscaloosa County EMA. This does not make your shelter publicly visible, but registering does allow first responders to know the shelter location so they can check for occupants after a disaster when shelters may not be readily visible due to debris cover. You can register your shelter by going to our Storm Shelter Self-Registration page.

Please visit our How To Take Shelter and Public Storm Shelters pages for tips on how to stay safe during a tornado. For frequently asked questions regarding FEMA residential and community safe rooms/storm shelter guidance, please click here. Also note, Tuscaloosa County EMA does not endorse or approve any of the following storm shelter companies and government funding for individual storm shelters is not available for Tuscaloosa County. When researching contractors and/or manufactures, it is encouraged that you make sure they are providing you with a safe room/storm shelter that is built and installed to meet or exceed FEMA and ICC 500 Guidelines.

Here are some general tips to help you determine which storm shelter company is right for you:

a. Ask for references and be sure to do your research.
b. Make sure the company can install a structure that will comply with FEMA guidelines and ICC standards.
c. Have a contact information with the builder/installer.
d. Specify what type of safe room is to be built/installed.
e. Know the time frame it will be built/installed.
f. Know the final cost.


Storm Shelter Companies:

Fain Storm Shelters (Northport, AL and Jackson, TN)

Ground Zero (Oklahoma City, OK)

Survive-A- Storm (Sold at Home Depot)

Valley Storm Shelters (Huntsville, AL)

Safe-T-Shelter (Hartselle, AL)

  • For their website: Click Here
  • 800-462-3648 or 256-462-3648

AllWorx Ground Maintenance (Tuscaloosa, AL)

If your company sells storm shelters and you are not listed above, please email us at