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Tuscaloosa City Area – Tuscaloosa Magnet School

Tuscaloosa City Area – Tuscaloosa Magnet School

Tuscaloosa City Area – Tuscaloosa Magnet School

315 McFarland Blvd E. Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

Shelter is located outside the school on the Campus Drive E side. To access, enter through Campus Drive E and park in front of the white building (the Shelter) to the left.

This shelter will only be open to the public if certain severe weather conditions happen during non-school hours. In the event of certain severe weather conditions, information will be posted on the City’s website.

City of Tuscaloosa Contact Number – 205-248-5311 during business hours.


Shelter rules per Tuscaloosa City Schools:

  • Certified Service Animals only are Permitted
    • Certified Service animals are allowed but owners are encouraged to restrain the dog (with leash and muzzle) as long as it doesn't interfere with their work.
    • Certified Service Animals will be excluded from the safe room if they exhibit dangerous or disruptive behavior.
    • Certified Service Animals should be vaccinated as appropriate
    • Shelter and utilized areas must be kept clean and any waste must be cleaned, disinfected, and disposed of properly.
    • No reptiles, fish, hamsters, cats, or insects are allowed.

For safety reasons, those violating these rules may be asked to leave.

  • The number of people entering the building will be recorded.
  • Individuals can bring games, prescription medications, flashlights, and phone chargers (limited plugs).
  • No weapons, smoking, or alcohol is allowed.
  • Water fountains, restrooms, and chairs/desks for sitting are available. 
  • A Tuscaloosa Police officer and First Aid kit will be located in the shelter.
  • Tuscaloosa Police Department will be in charge during the event.
  • Doors will be locked and individuals must stay inside when the weather outside becomes unsafe.
  • State, Federal, and health laws and rules will be followed.


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