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Safer Places Program


What is a Safer Place?

A Safer Place is a facility that has received the voluntary designation of 'Safer Place' from Tuscaloosa County EMA through Alabama Act 2021-165. This designation allows a facility to serve as a refuge during severe weather but does not mean that the facility is a FEMA-rated saferoom or community shelter.

Who can apply to become a

Safer Place?

Any facility that is open to the public such as businesses, churches, community groups, municipal buildings, etc. are eligible to apply to participate in the Safer Places program in Tuscaloosa County. The Safer Places program does not apply to residential buildings.

To learn how to take shelter in a variety of ways click FEMA's Shelter-in-Place-Pictogram



To designate your facility as a Safer Place, use the link below 
for our online application.


What Do I Need to Apply?

  1. Three (3) people identified to be a 24/7 point of contact for your facility. 
  2. A signed copy of the Safer Places Guidelines.  
  3. A signed copy of the Tuscaloosa County Safer Places Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).   
  4. At least three (3) exterior photos of your facility.  
  5. Photos of your parking lot and any specifically marked parking areas for persons with disabilities.  
  6. At least three (3) photos of the room(s) or area(s) that you would like to utilize as the Safer Place.  
  7. A facility floorplan (it does not have to be a set of blueprints) that clearly indicates the following:
  • Which parts of your facility that you would like to utilize as the Safer Place. 
  • The floor on which the room(s) or area(s) are located within your facility.
  • Where you would like the people to enter and exit your facility. 
  • Your facility's severe weather plan (if applicable).