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Past Disaster Recovery



Tuscaloosa Forward

Tuscaloosa Forward is an action plan to recover and rebuild the affected areas of the April 27, 2011 tornado, and help Tuscaloosa become a stronger city. A team of local and national firms created a plan that combines the ideas of the Tuscaloosa residents, city government, and private sector into one common vision to rebuild the community. Proposals in the plan include a greenway along the tornado path to remember the devastation and revitalization from the storm, as well as model neighborhoods, and village centers.

Holt In Action

Similar to Tuscaloosa Forward, Holt In Action is a coalition of residents, groups and friends of Holt formed to help in recovering the community following the tornado. The group was formed as part of a long-term community recovery (LTCR) effort after assistance was requested by the Tuscaloosa County Commission from FEMA. The group is continuing to work with the Tuscaloosa County Commission and other groups to rebuild homes and businesses and revitalize parts of the community that were destroyed. Holt in Action is hoping that its recovery efforts will attract more people and bring new jobs to the area.

The group came up with a plan to guide as a road map for rebuilding Holt. Residents were asked for their opinions, and many suggested things like a community center, nature trails, grocery stores, and a swimming pool should be built within walking distance of their home, school, and/or church building.

The group holds monthly board meetings, community meetings with presentations, and committee/working group meetings once a month.



Tropical Storm Claudette Flooding on June 19, 2021, declared for SBA Assistance only. Click Here for details.