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Tuscaloosa county ema Volunteers

Interested in Being of Service To Your Community?

By simply contacting us and inquiring, you will have completed the first step. The primary requirement for every TCEMA volunteer is a sincere desire to help one’s neighbors in a time of need. Becoming a volunteer requires a commitment of time, talent, and energy. Volunteers participate in independent self-paced on-line training, instructor-led classroom training, exercises, and actual emergency operations. Because every volunteer role is a position of public trust, TCEMA volunteers are screened through a background check conducted by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Ham Radio Operator
  • General TCEMA Volunteer
  • Intern
Volunteer Eligibility

Volunteer participation is open to individuals residing, working, or possessing an interest in Tuscaloosa County. Anyone who meets the following eligibility requirements is eligible to become a Volunteer:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of application
  • Ability to complete an approved volunteer selection process, including a Criminal Background Screening
  • Be able to respond to emergency calls after a disaster, help with donation management or points of distribution, answering calls pertaining to severe weather, clerical work, damage assessments, coordinating volunteers, and or help with warehouse management
  • Donate between 16 and 20 hours per month (if available) to TCEMA for training, work activities, and emergency response activities
  • Possess a valid State of Alabama Driver License
  • TCEMA is a drug-free organization per the “Substance Abuse Policy” of the Tuscaloosa County Commission’s Employee Handbook. Therefore, the use of illegal substances and misuse use of prescription medications is prohibited. Volunteers are also prohibited from being under the influence of alcohol when partaking in any TCEMA activities.
  • Ability to portray TCEMA in a professional manner and refrain from activities that would degrade or diminish the credibility

Applicants will be invited to attend our Open House, which gives a great overview of who we are.  You will be able to meet TCEMA staff and complete a volunteer application.  We ask that you also bring copies of any certifications or licenses you may have (i.e., Emergency Medical Technician, Hazardous Materials Operations Certification, Amateur Radio License, etc.).  These items are not needed to be a volunteer, but those skills can become of use in your area of interest.

After the Open House, TCEMA will conduct an Application Review. Upon successful review of your application, you will be contacted with details for your Induction Ceremony and the New Volunteer Orientation.

What Can I Do While I Am Waiting To Attend An Open House?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) offers a wide variety of Independent Study Courses that can be taken online.  As part of the New Volunteer Basic Training, there are three classes we want you to take:

These training sessions are FREE. Once you have completed the course(s), you will need to take an open book test, you will receive your results via an email from the Emergency Management Institute (EMI).  You can forward this via email to our office at Once you receive your certificate, we will need a copy for your file.

If you feel that your time and skills might be useful to TCEMA and would like to explore the volunteer opportunities available with our Agency, you may register to become a Volunteer by calling the Administrative / Office number at (205) 349-0150 or by clicking here to submit your information.