TuscALERT Tips and Tricks

TuscALERT was a system designed to give you the information you want the way you want it. Everything in the system is able to be fully customized to your specific needs. If you only want messages during certain times of day, that can be set up. Don't want flash flood watches but you do want severe thunderstorm warnings? You can set that up too. Read on for a few tips and tricks on how to make TuscALERT the perfect system for you:


How do I start receiving notifications from TuscALERT?

It's easy! Just go to www.TuscAlert.com and click "SIGN UP HERE" in the middle of your screen. Your username has to be unique across the whole system - not just the Tuscaloosa area, and everything is case-sensitive. You may want to write down your username and password so you can log in again later if you need it. Once you've registered, the system will walk you through the process of making a profile. You can set up your profile to receive the alerts you want to receive and the different ways you want to receive them. 


Help! I can't log in to my profile!

Your username and password are unique to your profile. To log in to your TuscALERT profile, go to www.TuscAlert.com and enter your credentials. Your username and password are case-sensitive (if you signed up by cellphone, it may have capitalized the first letter automatically). If you've forgotten your username or password, click "forgot username" or "forgot password" by the login boxes, and the system will prompt you through resetting your information. If you still can't get in, you can call EMA at 205-349-0150 for additional assistance. 


How do I change or add to the notifications I am receiving?

You can log into your account and edit your notifications at any time. To do so, click "Edit" in the top right corner of the box titled "My Alert Subscriptions," then you can click the plus sign ("+") next to any alert to see what is offered.


I'm getting Flash Flood Watches/other weather notices but all I want are Tornado alerts!

You can pick and choose the different weather products you would like to receive! If you decide you do or don't want a specific alert, you can log into your profile and change your settings by clicking "Edit" in the top right corner of the box titled "My Alert Subscriptions", then the plus sign ("+") beside "Weather Alerts." If you keep clicking your plus signs ("+"), you will be able to select the alerts you wish to receive. Remember, it is mandatory to receive Tornado Warnings, and you cannot deselect that option. 


Why am I getting weather notifications in the middle of the night? Can I stop them?

Absolutely - all notifications are optional and can be changed at any time. The National Weather Service issues the weather advisories and warnings you are receiving through the TuscALERT program. Sometimes, their protocol is to issue the alert several hours before it becomes a threat, which means that we may receive the notification at midnight or 3 AM. If you have subscribed to several weather notifications, you may want to consider turning on your "Do Not Disturb" settings. This way, the system won't notify you between the hours you have set. To turn this setting on, log into your profile and click "Edit" in your alert notifications, then hit the plus ("+") sign next to weather and it should pop up to the right in a gray box (see above picture). Just check "Don't contact me between" and set your hours, and you'll only get your notifications when you want them. However, be aware that Tornado Warnings will override your Do Not Disturb settings. If a Severe Thunderstorm Warning is issued during your set hours, you will not receive the notice. These options can be changed at any time. 


My NOAA weather radio went off but I didn't get the message. Why not?

The TuscALERT system is designed to only send you messages if you are in the path of the storm. If the address you provided in your profile is not within the issued polygon watch or warning from the National Weather Service, you won't receive a message. Your NOAA weather radio goes off for any watch or warning that is issued for the county, even if it doesn't affect your address. You can provide up to 5 addresses for the system to contact you about.