TuscALERT Sign Up Opens for Tuscaloosa County

A new, public mass-notification system named TuscALERT, or the Tuscaloosa Area Local Alert System, is now available in Tuscaloosa County. This mass notification system will allow citizens of  Tuscaloosa County, the City of Tuscaloosa, and the City of Northport a single registration profile to receive both emergency and non-emergency notifications from their area(s) of choice. Weather alerts are available now and citizens can signup now for other alert types that will be coming online in the next few months.



Signing up is simple and takes only a few moments; sign up now!

What is TuscALERT?

TuscALERT is a high-performance mass notification system. TuscALERT allows citizens of Tuscaloosa County, City of Tuscaloosa, and City of Northport to receive both emergency and non-emergency notifications for up to five addresses per user profile. We will continue to grow into the system and expand the types of messages offered. Future notifications will range from active law enforcement situations or hazardous material spills to routine messages like delays in garbage pickup or notification of street sweeping. These alerts will vary by jurisdiction.

TuscALERT is powered by the market-leading Everbridge platform. This platform is trusted daily by major population centers around the country including the State of Florida, Washington D.C., New Orleans, Jefferson County, AL, and others.


Can I Customize TuscALERT?

Yes - TuscALERT offers full customization for anyone signing up for the system. 

Once a citizen creates a login and password they will be directed to the member portal where they can select areas of interest throughout the county and the different kinds of notifications they would like to receive. Members will then select how they would like to be notified. The user can specify if they want voice calls on their home or cellular phones, emails, text messages, or any combination of the options offered. 

 TuscALERT program is location-based. When a user profile is created, the system will prompt the user to enter their address. The address-specific feature allows for targeted messages to go out to a specific group of users during emergencies. Each profile allows for five address. By utilizing the multiple address feature, users can get alerts for their homes, workplaces, children's schools, or any other location they choose.


Can I Get Weather Warnings From TuscALERT?

Yes! Once your profile is created and you've entered a location, you will automatically begin to receive tornado warnings for your location, because these are the most dangerous and time-sensitive weather emergencies. You can also choose from twelve other common Tuscaloosa County weather watches and warnings. 

These weather notifications use the location feature - if any of the addresses you entered on your TuscALERT user profile are within a National Weather Service warning polygon, you will receive a notification for the warning. If your address is outside of the polygon, you will not receive a notification, which avoids confusion and information overload. 


Will TuscALERT Wake Me Up in the Middle of the Night?

That depends on your phone settings. TuscALERT messages can be sent at any hour, but if your phone is set to silent or vibrate you may not hear the messages at night. The weather options do have a "Do Not Disturb" feature, where you can set hours for the system to not contact you (tornado warnings will override your Do Not Disturb settings). It is recommended that you also have a NOAA weather radio in your home to wake you up for weather warnings during nighttime hours for the most serious warnings. 


I'm A UA Student or Parent, What Location Do I Need to Select?

The University of Alabama has an excellent alert system in place for all enrolled students and employees focused on the campus area. For more information on the UA Alert system, click HERE. If you would like to receive TuscALERT about the area surrounding UA Campus, when signing up please select City of Tuscaloosa - Downtown Area or enter an off-campus address.