Tier II Electronic Submission Process

If you operate a facility in Tuscaloosa County and are required to submit a Tier II report, The following will help you route your filings correctly.

Where to File

Tuscaloosa County Tier II reports must be filed with three places:

  1. Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC - [email protected])

  2. Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) 

  3. The fire department that services the facility's location

Tuscaloosa County LEPC requires electronic submission by either a .t2s file or E-Plan. Please do not send just a .PDF of your Tier II. ADEM, Tuscaloosa Fire Department and Northport Fire Department request the same. For other locations, check with the local fire jurisdictions to determine their submission process.

Available Software

Tier II Submit is a free software that can prepare and maintain Tier II reports. This can be downloaded from the EPA website (Download of the Tier II Submit software). When the software is downloaded, the facility must be built into the program. Once entered, the program only requires annual updates to create your filing. Tutorial on how to use Tier II Submit software. You may also submit your Tier II report through E-Plan. If you choose to use E-Plan for your facility, please forward a copy of the successful transmission email you receive from the program to LEPC OR a statement telling us you have filed this year's Tier II report using E-Plan. 


When submitting a Tier II report electronically, the format must be compatible for importing information into the CAMEO system (a .t2s file). Once the Tier II form is complete, save the file with a descriptive title (example: Acme, Inc - Tuscaloosa Co 2016 Tier II) and email the submission to [email protected]. Do not use the contact form on the Tuscaloosa County EMA website - you are not allowed to send attachments in the contact form.


During the August 2004 semi-annual meeting, the Tuscaloosa County LEPC voted to implement a volunteer fee program. These fees are collected annually with the Tier II reports. Each facility is requested to contribute a $100 voluntary fee. Facilities with Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) are requested to pay an additional $100 for each EHS, not to exceed a total voluntary submission of $500. These volunteer fees are used by the Tuscaloosa County LEPC for training of first responders, emergency equipment for first responders, and outreach programs. Voluntary fees can be mailed to the Tuscaloosa County LEPC at 714 Greensboro Ave, Suite G78, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401.