National Weather Service Offers SKYWARN Training Classes

Do you have a passion for weather? Maybe you like to gather scientific data or observe weather conditions. Either way, the SKYWARN class is for you!

SKYWARN is a National Weather Service (NWS) program of trained volunteer weather spotters. SKYWARN spotters coordinate with local emergency management officials and send weather reports to the NWS. Spotters provide important information to warning forecasters who make critical warning decisions during dangerous storms.  SKYWARN storm spotters play a critical role of giving the NWS important information about what is actually happening in their location, which helps the NWS perform its primary mission, to save lives and property.

SKYWARN training classes are held both in-person and online several times throughout the year. During the month of February, individuals will have the opportunity to go online to complete the Basic Training class and, if desired, go deeper into the science behind weather in the Graduate Training class. These online spotter classes will allow an individual to complete the training course in their own home or office with the use of Go-to-Meeting, a free user-friendly computer program.

To become a SKYWARN spotter, individuals must sign up for the class and attend the 1.5-2 hour class online. Basic classes are offered on February 11, 17, and 22, 2016 and the Graduate class is offered on February 29, 2016. Registration is required for each class, and the link to register can be found on the EMA event page. Once registered, an email will be sent to the individual with instructions on how to download the computer software and attend the class. This is great opportunity for anyone who is interested in weather and storms.