Shelter Self-Registration - Press Release

The Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency has launched a new service on their website for individuals to register their privately-owned storm shelters. Participants in the registration program will have information about their shelter, including the address and locations, added to a database available to emergency first responders. This database would be used in the event of a severe weather emergency for responders to determine whether or not there might be individuals in a shelter that has been covered or obstructed by debris.

The service is available to those with either in-ground or above-ground shelters. Information requested for the registration includes the physical address of the property where the shelter is located, GPS coordinates for the shelter (optional), and the jurisdiction for the property. The database will not be publicly available but the information will be made available to emergency services.

If you have registered a shelter in the past with 911 there is no need to re-register. Shelter registration is completely voluntary and can be submitted on the EMA wesbsite. The service is being offered as an extra precaution in the event of severe weather. A link to the registration form and also a list of public shelters in the county can be found here.

For information about Tuscaloosa County EMA please contact the office by calling 205-349-0150 or by using the contact form on the website.