Public Shelter List - Press Release

The Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) has created a comprehensive list of public storm shelters in Tuscaloosa County. The list details the location of each shelter and also plots them on a map of the county.


Each of the eleven public storm shelters in the county has its location listed on the map. Clicking on a shelter on the map shows a pop up with detailed information about the shelter as well as a picture. Each shelter also has its own page with contact information to find out more about the shelters and what conditions they will be opened under. Shelters are operated by individual community authorities and not by the EMA.


Residents of Tuscaloosa County are encouraged to make a plan for severe weather sheltering. As most people will shelter in a residence or business,  guidance on selecting the best locations in a structure is available on the EMA website. If a resident's sheltering plan involves traveling to a community shelter, this mobile-friendly information will help people locate the sheltering options nearest to them in the event of a severe weather emergency.


The shelter page can be found at


For information about Tuscaloosa County EMA please contact the office by calling 205-349-0150 or by using the contact form on the website.