New EMA Website - Press Release

Tuscaloosa, Ala. (June 12, 2015) - The Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency launched its new website,, on Friday, June 12.  This revamped website was designed with mobile optimization in mind, allowing users to quickly and easily access the site from any computer or mobile device.

"With the majority of people now accessing information through their smartphones first, it was critical our new site be mobile-friendly," said Rob Robertson, Director of the TCEMA. "We wanted to create a single point of information so people know where to look for critical emergency information." 

One of the focuses of the new site is a comprehensive, up-to-date weather section that features information about weather conditions in Tuscaloosa County. Visitors to the site are able to see a brief summary of conditions in their part of the county. The site also seeks to educate visitors with a brief history of the field of Emergency Management and a comprehensive history on severe weather trends of Tuscaloosa County, such as flooding and past storms.

"Education is key component of preparedness. When times are good it's easy to forget what can happen," said Robertson. "We felt that a historical perspective helps keep us all mindful that things can change quickly."

The new site also includes several firsts for the county, an interactive map featuring all FEMA-compliant public storm shelters in Tuscaloosa County as well as a new feature to register your individual shelter so emergency responders know where it is located. A section for children, "Kids Spot", focuses on teaching kids about severe weather safety. The site distribute various articles on EMA-relative subjects such as the earthquakes in Greene County and myths about natural disasters.

The EMA's new website can be found at The Agency also utilizes social using Twitter @TuscaloosaCoEMA and Facebook at TuscaloosaCoEMA.

For information about Tuscaloosa County EMA please contact the office by calling 205-349-0150 or by using the contact form on the website.